It's hard to describe what it's like to feel depressed. This can be frustrating for people with depression. Research shows that one of the best methods of improving depression is through being able to feel that other people can relate to what you're experience. YoureNotAlone does just this. It provides an EmpathySpace for people with depression.


I wanted to do something impactful. Also, as someone pursuing a career path in data analytics, I wanted to gain skill in an area of programming I've been neglecting, web development.

What it does

It's a minimally designed website that pulls popular r/depression posts, and displays them one at a time. It could be thought of as an alternative browser for that particular subreddit. It's made unique by it's dark, intimate theme and by how it serves the posts in a way that makes you focus on the content of the words.

How I built it

I used html, css, a little bit of bootstrap python and flask

Challenges I ran into

The entire project was a series of new and interesting challenges. Using bootstrap to build out a minimal design, using flask to dynamically serve content. I've really fulfilled my goal of exposure to web dev.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of all that I've learned. I had almost no experience with HTML, CSS, Flask, Bootstrap--- pretty much all the materials I worked with on this project with, and I was able to make a functional site with a clear purpose.

What's next for YoureNotAlone

I'm going to use Google Hangouts API and Skype API to hack on an -on request portal to a suicide hotline, as well as adding a logo to the sight.

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