Omar and Mara are dating, Mara needed a slick way to tell him things were over. During their Hackathon, she decided to change the idea of their hack into a simple website that simply broke things off.

What it does

Takes care of the hard part of a relationship, the ending.

How we built it

We utilized HTML and CSS along with a bucket full of tears.

Challenges we ran into

We were working on a LAHacks project until 5 pm Eastern time. After submitting our project we jumped into this one intending to create a website to serve the underrepresented elderly population using Twilio. After a time crunch, we realize it was not feasible to complete our project and decided to make a hard pivot in the concept and our relationship.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being adaptable and seeing the humor in failure.

What we learned

The Google API is essentially the same as embedding a YouTube video and you can't embed a copywriter YouTube video.

What's next for

Adding more resources for post-breakup and pivoting the website into a forum and a collection of tools to get over a breakup.

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