Though I am a beginner, I am very passionate about messenger bot, AI, Deep learning, NLP. These helps me to begin these journey.

What it does

This is a messaging bot used to provide cloud service to each facebook user effectively. Here, User upload his/her files along with some input tags. Later he can find files effectively with this tag and some sentiment analysis. This bot can be used in self to self messaging in facebook and It will help user finding his file easily.

How we built it

This bot is built with chatfuel, some api and plugins. The bot is still in developing stage and It can be improved more.

Challenges we ran into

Many drawbacks we faced to develop that bot. Sometimes It didn't provide exact file by analysis. But after some effort, It starts working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really satisfied with the amount of code I could churn out in a short amount of time. I am also proud by participating a big hackathon like facebook.

What we learned

We have gained a vast knowledge working in this project. we have learned how to make an interactive messenger bot.

What's next for YourCloud

Extend the functionality of this bot. Developing some existing work that still exist.

Built With

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