Every single morning, have you ever stood in the mirror for a long time and wondered, “Today I feel like wearing this T-shirt. Which pants I should pick to match with my T-shirt?” Or Valentine’s Day is coming, are you noticing that you become so indecisive to choose what to wear? Well, it is known to all that “Do not judge a book by its cover”, but the importance of clothing and one’s appearance is evident all around us every day. Thus, on our way to chase fashion, how to match our clothes with the wardrobe seems to be a problem.


In order to solve the problem discussed above, here we are, we get you Your Virtual Customized Closet! This is an app that you upload the photos of your clothes in the closet and their images will be recognized and categorized into different types based on their color, pattern, etc. There is also a filter function that you could choose which clothes you want to wear of the day; based on your pick, the app will provide you with recommendations: either the clothes from your current closet or the clothes from online stores, which is retrieved by Echo.


  1. Was not able to deploy on AWS because we could not figure out how to do configuration.
  2. Using Webpack to bundle all the needed libraries. Faker.js doesn't work as expected.
  3. Figure out Babal to compile JSX, ES2015
  4. Integration with backend APIs.
  5. Find the way to translate the matching rules in database to the voice commends for Echo dots.
  6. Working with echo to get connected to internet unsuccessful.
  7. Finding the right API to grab information from images.

Lesson Learned:

  1. Understand a lot about ES6 new features like modules
  2. Discuss more use cases and prioritize them in the beginning to scope the project

Thank you!!!!

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