Some of us are very bad at time management, and to have something help us manage our time is great

What it does

You can make an account and add tasks that you need to complete. The website will generate a schedule for you. It will analyze the time it takes to complete assignments and will update the schedule and timing to fit your abilities.

How we built it

With php, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Python, a local server, and a Microsoft paint logo

Challenges we ran into

Debugging, transferring everything to a live server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating our own login and account creation system

What we learned

How to integrate a variety of programming languages into a single project

What's next for Your Time

Let there be daily tasks that are every day by default(Dinner, Getting ready, etc) Weekly tasks that are on the day of the week by default(lessons and stuff that happen only a certain number of times a week) Use a calendar and when the date is clicked the current schedule for that date would be displayed Prettier website with more features Turn the website into an app

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