We know autonomous drones are a big part of our future. But since nothing is perfect, it will be necessary a backup layer when these autonomous drones can’t deal with totally unexpected situations. So, We need to establish a totally safe lifeline of communication between these systems and human operators.

What it does

Thanks to the Blockchain technology and the 5G Mobile Networks we can offer that solution. Thanks to the Blockchain we can ensure that the communication between the operator and the drone is safe.

How I built it

Thanks to Unity Game Development tool it's been possible to solve the challenge of easily controlling remotely the drone we are using the latest innovations in Virtual Reality, use 360 camera technology and use Blockchain tools to create a solution.

Challenges I ran into

I needed to take all the shortcuts possible to focus only in implementing the basic behavior.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The multiple integration of independent module like VR module, communications module, Ethereum Module to be able to develop in a short amount of time the application.

What I learned

To be able to use the Blockchain as a layer to authenticate the message in critical communication over the network.

What's next for Your Remote Drone Controller

Develop a shared economy application where anyone in the world would be able to rent a drone and operate it remotely.

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