Other than Blockchain is awesome???

Do you get on Reddit and Quora and all you see is fan wars... right 😅, I mean, If you are so passionate about something, you might as well make money from it... 😋

What it does

Your Recommendation gives you a chance to seek out recommendations on your picks from the celo community. Your picks are displayed for voting and best option wins the vote.

The best part is, one lucky winner from the voters keeps the entire bag 💰 when the vote limit has been reached.

How we built it


The app was built with the help of the React Library and the ContractKit SDK. It's currently on the Alfajores Testnet

The application is accessible to users with both Celo-wallet extension and on Metamask using the celo Alfajores Network making it accessible even on mobile phones


Challenges we ran into

We had a little challenge catching errors with the celo wallet extension, but improvised a reasonable solution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to adapt it to both the metamask and celo wallet extensions. We were also able to achieve great rendering all different kinds of views.

What we learned

We learnt so much about the celo community and about celo contracts. I also had deeper understanding about developing solidity contracts

What's next for Your Recommendation

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