PHASE 1: We knew of a project that would move a robot hand using mimicry and wanted to tweak it a little bit to do different formations like making a fist, peace sign, point, and spiderman pose/ rock fingers. PHASE 2: We thought it would be cool if we could move an entire arm.

What it does

PHASE 1: You can control a hand and make it make different formations using signals from motions from a different hand. PHASE 2: Using bluetooth and arduino, you can control a hand to make a grip and move the elbow. We wanted it to also move the entire arm up and down (so from the shoulder) but we didn't get all of our motors in time and just improvised.

How we built it

PHASE 1: We made contraptions to hold fingers, ran a string through them, tied them to motors that spun using arduino that would get signals from flex sensors from a different hand. PHASE 2: We built the exoskeleton for the entire arm with a stepper motor at the elbow so the forearm can move up and down. We made a similar thing to hold the fingers but instead of each finger connected to an individual servo, we connected all the fingers to one since we only want it to grip now. We also made an android and iOS app to control the movements of the arm through arduino and bluetooth.

Challenges we ran into

PHASE 1: Autodesk didn't work, 3d printer failed, servos are locked, and soldering stations closed. PHASE 2: We had trouble putting everything together (arduino code, bluetooth, and the physical exoskeleton). We had the most trouble with getting the arduino to communicate with bluetooth. We also weren't aware that the bluetooth shield we got was only for Android until after our iOS app developer made the app. So, he had to learn how to make an Android app last minute. Also the shoulder strap wasn't strong enough to hold the entire exoskeleton for a while which is why we added a rope to go around the neck for more support. Parts, especially the motors, batteries, and one 3d print, didn't come in on time for us to implement them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design is pretty sick, we learned how to make an app in Android, and we somehow hooked it up to Bluetooth.

What we learned

PHASE 1: We learned how to use autodesk, how to code in arduino, how to use a glue gun, and how to solder. PHASE 2: We learned how to make an app using Android studio, implement bluetooth, how to use shields, and more about coding in Arduino.

What's next for Your other hand

PHASE 1: We want to hook it up to Microsoft band, wirelessly send signals, and 360 spinning servos. PHASE 2: We were successful at making it wireless (which is something we had absolutely no idea how to do)! We want to move the entire arm (from the shoulder) up and down. We also want to hook it up to an iOS app which we would be able to do if we had used a more versatile Bluetooth shield.

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