The inspiration behind this project was that many people struggle to when it comes to representing to an audience. They tend to stutter or forget what they had to say. Many have gone through this embarrassment an through this app/idea it can be resolved .

How it works

This app works by recording the presenters voice and playing it in their own pace. The audience can also listen to a past presentation and can have specific key terms (chosen by the presenter) explained.

Challenges I ran into

The idea was not fully developed with enough time to develop a working prototype!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We was able to implement the API's into our idea and organizing it.

What I learned

We learned new API's including CDB,4Squared, and Accrue

What's next for Your New Rhythm

Our future plans for "Your New Rhythm" is to be able to make a working prototype and

Built With

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