Embracing uncertainty through understanding what we can and cannot control. We can control and change our emotions through self-care. During difficult times, people want control over how they are feeling so they usually rely on negative coping methods or eating habits. We want to inspire people to use positive coping methods when dealing with their mental health.

What it does

Presenting Your Mindful Buddy, a website where you can enter your emotions, your preferred category for music, movies, and more. Enabling the site to curate a list of movies, recipes, music, and books for you to enjoy according to your mood. It also gives you a form to input information about yourself and your company's view of mental health and predicts the likelihood of a mental health disorder developing under said circumstances.

How we built it

Text editors and tech used - Google Colab, Atom, Visual Studio,, Jupyter Notebooks, Gitbash, Canva

Frontend Website - html, javascript (GitHub Repo Linked)

Backend Data - combining mental health data from Kaggle, using logistic regression to make predictions about mental health for a given employee, displaying those results. Implemented a Django backend (GitHub Repo Linked)

Personalization Data - given a user's inputs, call to NYTimes API or Spotify API or Recipe API for given inputs through Jupyter Notebooks

Check out our data!

Mental Health Kaggle Dataset

Personalized Books and Music Data (via NYTimes API and Spotify API)

Personalized Recipe Outputs

Personalized Recipe Outputs Pt 2

Coping Methods Analysis

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we came across was how to combine different languages to create an excellent end result. The idea is to direct the user to the python data results but we came across a hiccup since we used node.js for the main framework.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We delegated tasks well according to our differing skill sets. Something else we are proud of is how we worked together collaboratively to ensure that the project progressed over the weekend.

What we learned

We learned how to create a seamless interactive environment with a combination of different languages. We also learned how to incorporate new data resources and APIs for our project to work.

What's next for Your Mindful Buddy

Hopefully, we would like to add more categories and incorporate a way to share the curated list with friends to enjoy the activities together. As well as having a live chat service to be able to talk with someone.

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