In 2019 I was a victim of severe anxiety which taught me that we need a lot of awareness in mental healthcare. So being someone from Technological background I came up with an idea that I will built a platform where we can spread mental health awareness, We can provide people with mental health care and also where Mental Health expert can provide their services at a very reasonable cost. This is how Your Healthy Mind was formed.

What it does

This is platform where one can seek mental health, provide mental health and learn about mental health. This is a platform which provides services to many people who seek mental healthcare.

How we built it

We used Django and python to built this website and we used different social media platform to spread awareness. We have used social media platform to connect to various Mental Health care Professionals.

Challenges we ran into

While working, we faced numerous hurdles, the most significant of which was that despite our efforts to connect with a large number of people and raise awareness, we discovered that only a few people were willing to share their problems with us. We were able to overcome this obstacle with the proper assistance and mentors. We continue to work hard to raise awareness among those who require assistance and support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have 1000 plus registration in our site. We have provided counseling to 500 plus people and also we have provided Buddy program (Psychological First Aid) to 300 plus people. We have successfully organized two workshop on Mental Health awareness. We have 700 plus followers on our LinkedIn page and 100 plus followers on our Facebook page.

What we learned

We learned a lot and made a lot of progress while working at this startup. We learned how to manage large projects, such as organizing large workshops, which improved our project management skills. We've also improved our interpersonal skills by engaging with and speaking with a diverse group of people, including psychologists. We've also improved our leadership, time management, and entrepreneurship skills, which have enabled us to reach out to a large number of people.

What's next for Your Healthy Mind

We are planning to launch our app on Your Healthy Mind. We are planning to Launch few basic courses on Mental healthcare on our site. Our next goal is to reach out to more people and reach 50000 plus users.

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