Weekly markets are closed and small vendors who make their revenue on the weekly market struggle. Buyers hesitate to go into crowded stores and online shops of the big retailers have reached their capacity limit.

Our platform gives all market stand owners the opportunity to have a virtual market stand.

Luzerner Zeitung: Wochenmarkt findet bis Mitte April nicht mehr statt

What it does

Select your favorite market and visit it virtually. Each market stand has a page where the products are displayed. During opening hours you can video chat with the usual market seller and place your order. Alternatively a simple order form can be filled out.

Try it out here:

Hint: Choose Market Helvetiaplatz und Market Stand 2

How we built it

Maps: Extracted coordinates from Google Maps with a kml extractor and market stands using Zürcher Märkte. We used R Leaflet package to display the market stands with the links to the corresponding market stand pages. Alternatively we also provide a solution in Python.

The website was created with Google Sites (awesome for teamwork and live editing). As video chat platform we use whereby because it is the simplest to handle for both seller and vendor. Orders are placed via Google forms.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to create a solution that vendors could easily handle and where a platform owner does not have too much work.

What's next for Weekly market. Digital.

For the prototype, markets in Zurich were used. This could be expanded to other regions. The same concept could be applied for other types of shops.

Our prototype is already fully working technically. To go live all map data needs to be implemented and sellers need to be onboarded and supported.

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