We decided that we would build a website/app that would make sure that no one in New York that is in need of food would go to bed hungry

How it works

We would find people in our neighborhoods and log them into our website. Then you would log them down on your Soup from Above account. This would allow us at Soup from Above to find said person's location on our CardoDB map. So anyone who wants to help said person in need would be sent information on where the person is and while utilizing Foursquare, we can find them places to take them to eat. If you aren't able to take them to the location, you can send the information to another Soup from Above user to find and help them instead.

Challenges I ran into

The name, the money (Kickstarter), the business model, how can we involve government in this, How can we make sure people help them, How to get people to trust us

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with my team to create a program that allows us to help those in need.

What I learned

I learned about the CartoDB, Foursquare, Accrue and Wix programs

What's next for Soup from Above

We will use Accrue to predict data

Built With

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