Inspiration- There are many events in Hoboken that go unnoticed simply because people are not aware of when such events take place. This leads to the always annoying question "What do you want to do today?" that tends to result in the same old boring activities. We believed an app would best combat this issue.

What it does- Connects users to and informs them about the details of events in their community that they may want to participate in based off their interests.

How I built it

We used bootstrap in order to get a html/css theme for quick startup. We ran a server with node.js and implemented facebook graph API to search for events and populate them into our site through a JSON file. Finally, cordova converts the web app into an android app.

Challenges I ran into


What I learned

How to run servers using node.js.

What's next for Your Community

Your community can be easily set to any location to reflect the community it is in.

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