I am interested in building storytelling and interactive game AR effects. And I want to create a game that will always surprise the users since they will get different results or effects every time.

What it does

The project idea is about making an interactive claw machine experience that allows the users to control the claw by using their face movements instead of their hands. When they feel they get the right position, they can drop the claw by opening the mouth. And after the users succeed in catching the toys, they will be rewarded by dressing up the accessories that they caught.

How I built it

I used sparkAR along with the javascript to build it.

Challenges I ran into

I tried to apply physical effect like gravity and collision on the toys and create more realistic effect. However, I think it’s better to have the physical engine with the visible editor Instead of just coding, it’s really hard to apply collider on the irregular shape such as the claw.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud that I realize my idea to a project with all the function I wished to have. It is a tough progress hat create a project from ideation to developing stage, and it’s also a fun and fulfilling journey to see your idea comes to true. I have proved my talents and abilities in ideation, designing and developing during this experience.

What I learned

There were a bunch of problems I ran into when I developed the project, the first one I have in mind was how should I make the claw catching animation. Because sparkAR can only make simple transformation animation, so I decided to rig the claw and bake the catching motion with the claw model. Then integrated the model animation along with the transformation animation in sparkAR. And I also learned a lot about setting the communications between the patch editor and the script when the realize complicated logic mechanism. I designed the user flow and divided the whole experience into four stages along with the interactions under each stage. This will help me keep clear mind and always stick with the idea and the experience. Then according to ux design, I also draw a diagram especially for illustrating the logic and communications between the patch editor and the script. These are really helpful steps for making complex logic or large scale project.

What's next for Your Claw Machine

I would like to make special holiday version of Your Claw Machine by changing the toys to the specific holiday motifs with corresponding environment decoration.

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