We wanted a way for university students to find local events by campus easily in order to increase event participation.

What it does

The application uses Google OAuth API to ensure that the student is using a valid UC email. Students can add meetings near their university with a specified location, duration, and category. Other local students of the University can also log in and see all these events on a listing and on an interactive map. If they're interested in the event, they can select the event, enter their phone number, and get a text reminder sent to them with the event info!

How we built it

We used the MERN stack - we built a Node.js back end as an API to handle requests, and the front end with React.js. We used mlab to host our Mongo database. We then deployed the application onto Google Cloud.


We used Google maps and geolocation API to accurately locate points on a map, and dynamically generate interactive markers onto the map. The text reminders were implemented using the Twilio API.

What's next for Youni

There were many features we could not finish in the time frame of the hack, but we hope to add user comment functionality in the future, delayed text reminders, and official support for all college .edu emails - not just University of California emails. We also want to add a counter on each event for the number of people that wanted text reminders in order to gauge event popularity.

Domain Name

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