The pandemic brought different challenges to humankind. One of them is working and studying from home, which generated significant consequences on our well-being. The lack of real human interaction, isolation, and accumulated stress from being in front of a computer for more than 10 hours a day are just a few to name. We want to make 2021 a better year.


Interactive games integrated into video calls using facial recognition, which enhances the users' experience with real-time reactions and "virtual" touching expressions. The games humanize the meetings making them entertaining and giving them a touch of fun meanwhile recovering the sense of closeness to their colleagues, family, and friends.


Google App Engine

We use Google App Engine as the working environment of our project

Face Recognition

We use a Tensorflow based model for face landmarks recognition

Game Processing

We use only a server less architecture for our application. All the necessary code is executed on the client side. We use Firebase to share current state of the game between the players.

Game Data

Game data and game statistics of the frequent players are stored in MongoDB.

Videocall Integration

Finally, we integrate our game into the existing solutions that provide an interface for the video calls. For example, Twilio, Google Meet, Zoom.

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