Many of us wonder what Facebook knows about us based on my messages, so we explored the possibilities of information deduction to see what kind of profile we'd be able to build about ourselves through the messages we send everyday.

What it does

Takes your downloaded messaging data and interprets it using google cloud platform natural learning processing.

How we built it

We created the front end using React and used the GCP NLP node libraries to analyze the messages.

Challenges we ran into

It was really difficult using the async functions and creating a front end because one of our laptops died and we lost a lot of our work for frontend. We ran into a lot of difficulties unzipping a file using node.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did manage to use the GCP natural language processing to analyze the overall sentiment of your messages and possibly messages over time.

What we learned

We learned how to use GCP NLP libraries and upload files using node. Our front end members learned how to better use react.

What's next for YouMessage

It's a really interesting project I think many people would check out but it needs to be a bit more polished and have a working front end.

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