I was inspired to create this application while living Abroad in Madrid. While I was there I always felt like I could share my experiences in a better way, this let me to The idea of getting paid to travel. I always wanted a better way to find out how to make a day playing without googling 5000 things. Another problem with that system was there was really no sense of credibility for those plans or things to do. Making this app I want to add to the community to wanderers and bloggers collaborating. You me world is not the first app that tries to solve the idea of trip planning and creating day plans but it adds a new spin to the idea! Come earn money to travel and blog!

How I built it

I built you meet world user interface first and one for an approach of user driven development. I worked closely with a travel blog that is pretty well-known. I also did a ton of user tests to validate my assumptions. My you are is written in react JS i’m utilizing a UI library that I also wrote concurrent to the project called feuxworks. On the backend I’m using node.js, mysql, vert.x middleware, and a openshift3 middleware for caching, for my auth and api layer I'm using graphql (written by Facebook). I wanted this application to be platform agnostic so my backend and is just rest API Sitting on openplatform3.

Challenges I ran into

Working on This project alone was one of the hugest challenges for me. Entire time I was doing it I kept thinking how can I leverage machine learning and different things to create a recommendation for travelers. Since that something that I really struggle to create that. For that later I’m using right now I entire time I was doing it I kept thinking how can I leverage machine learning different things to create a recommendations for travelers. Since that something that I really struggled to create that. For that later I’m using python but since it’s not fully fleshed out yet I haven’t integrated it into my application. For now I’m doing recommendations by hand. And many more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m really proud to have submitted my first NPM module. Also I learned a lot about planning trips, making recommendation systems, css grid and flex box. I’m super proud to release this application to the public.

I worked on a pretty large project for 25 days and got a pretty good distance so I'm proud to say I did my best and really made a cool thing that I'd use to plan.

What's next for

Right now I’m working on an iOS and android app using react native. My next goal is to release those two to the public so you can plan an experience on the go, write a blog post, or cash out and also download all the experiences that you already have planned. I want to bring youme to the world!

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