We want to help YouTubers reach to wider audience through their charity

What it does

Every time you gain YouTube views, the program will donate bitcoins to a charity

How I built it

In the backend, we used Python to access the Coinbase and Youtube Analytics API. For every view earned, 0.001 BTC will be donated to the charity of your choice. In the front end, we design a form so that you can input your Coinbase API Key, Coinbase API Secret, Coinbase Wallet Address, Your Charity Wallet Address, and Client Secrets File (for YouTube information). This information is submitted to a Firebase database which our Python code can access and check for increased views.

Challenges I ran into

The YouTube Data Analytics API was tricky to work with. In addition, we also ran into problem with form submission, but we were able to solve it.

What's next for YouCoin

We would like to make YouCoin more user-friendly by only asking the users information about their YouTube and Coinbase accounts instead of having them find their API keys, wallet addresses, and YouTube client file from Google Developers Console. We will also look into the security of our application. It is handling sensitive data (Coinbase wallet addresses) so we want to be sure it is secure before we release.

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