Many hours of our lives have been lost over arguments of which restaurant to eat at with no one being happy in the end. Now we propose this solution that will create a happy compromise between you and your loved ones.

What it does

This program randomly selects a food category based on the zip code entered. The food category and zip code are then used to pull restaurants near you using Google's API/Google's Cloud Platform.

How we built it

We used Java and JavaFX and Google API's - geocode and places - to give us a list of updated restaurant information. There is a blinking mechanism that alerts and helps the user to notify which food category was randomly selected by the application. We use the zip code to find the latitude and longitude associated with it (geocode API). Then we used latitude and longitude to find nearby restaurants according to your Randomly generated food category (places API).

Challenges we ran into

We were having trouble with the Geocode API and Places API in URL search, as this was our first experience working with APIs. However, we managed to work through these difficulties and effectively retrieve the restaurant information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This entire project was our first hackathon and we used a Google Cloud Platform, Google API functionality to take advantage of the abundant information presented by Google Maps. In the list of returned by the app, will contain a currently updated information such as whether it is closed or open, rating, location, and name.

What we learned

We learned how to work with Google APIs and intricacies of JavaFX GUI components.

What's next for YouChoose

Mobile Application so we can share this great product to the masses and help them save time and headache whenever deciding what to eat with loved ones. We can also have more food categories and make the GUI more intricate.

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