Yo broh, we was just like, where dis slicing edge technology be? And so we made it faammmmm

What it does

Aye broh, this jazz will take an image from u, and straight up, automagically, in reel time, generate a Buzzfeed title foh. yo. picto.

How I built it

Broheems, we made this razz-a-mitazz, by using the Buzzfeed API to generate a corpus of datas to create markov chains off of. Then we made use of thuh fantastical Clarifai to genny-generate some sick (yes. SICK) tags to combine with the generated text.

Challenges I ran into

You don't even wanna know. But in all seriousness, not many other than just general issues with getting things to fit together.

What I learned

How to make a Flask app.

What's next for YouBuzz

The sky is the limit fam.

Built With

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