Living with roommates who want to keep their new year's resolution, but never having cash on them! Also the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Sailor Mouth" inspired the design of our site.

What it does

Using the Capital One API if a roommate swears, a roommate can "charge" the swearer and money will be transferred from their account to the "swear jar". This jar is shared by all the roommates and can be controlled by them. After charging the roommate, the swear jar graphic will increase in coin numbers and a dolphin noise will play (from the Spongebob episode).

How I built it

We integrated a simple HTML/CSS/Javascript website with the Capital One API, Flask, and Python.

Challenges I ran into

The API being down, learning to use flask, and uploading the final version to our domain name!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that this is our first submitted hack at a hackathon. Even though there is room to improve, we are excited that we finished the project!

What I learned [from boating school is...]

We learned to delegate tasks (front/back end) while still helping the other team member. We learned A LOT about Python and StackOverflow!

What's next for You've got to be shitting me

We want to work on the other features we had planned to complete, but didn't have enough time to do. For example, a settings tab where users can alter the amount of money each "swear" is worth (for our version we just transferred $0.00). Being able to adjust the number of roommates, and making the site more general (i.e. if roommates new year's resolution was not to eat candy, it can be a candy jar). Validation for ensuring that someone actually swore (by checking with another roommate) and being able to contest the charge.

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