I like Spotify and wanted to implement a feature that I have not seen before. The name You Suck at Music came from the fact that most people you tried the website ended up getting very low scores.

What it does

Spotify publishes popularity ratings for individual songs. This websites looks at all the songs you have saved as well as all the songs you have added to playlists and calculates an overall popularity rating for each of your playlists and an overall score.

How I built it

The entire website is written in PHP, html, and java script. The user provides authorization to the server to view their playlists and saved songs. The website then analyses the data provided by the user to give them scores on each of their playlists and an overall score.

Challenges I ran into

There are MANY API calls that have to be made per user. Designing the java script so that it properly loaded the webpage and all the data in a short amount of time proved to be a very difficult challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed almost every feature that I had planned for this during the hackathon.

What I learned

My understanding of CSS and JavaScript greatly increased from this project.

What's next for You Suck at Music?

A better UI wouldn't be a bad start. I have much more experience in software development and back end website development. Learning more about CSS to make my site beautiful would be a great enhancement.

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