We wanted to make something fun and we tossed around ideas for a while. Since we both had trouble waking up to get to our classes in the morning, we thought incentivizing students/teenagers to wake up would be a great idea.

The idea was that if you didn't wake up to the sound of your alarm, it would send a message to your roommate to wake you up or an email to your teacher about your incompetence or an embarrassing tweet.

The user enters in their name, sets a time for the alarm then inputs the messages they want to send and who they want to send it to. For now they can only input one. There are fields for tweets and emails because we're finishing them up and they should be added soon. When when the time is up, a pop up appears that is to be closed. If it's not, after a set time (for now that is 60 seconds), the messages, tweets and emails are sent.

We used moment.js for the dates on the clock and combodate.js for the time picker. We used kandy to integrate sms messaging. And we are working on integrating the twitter and google api to send tweets and emails. Integrating other kandy features like mms messaging (maybe a camera or drone to take a photo of you on the bed sleeping and send it) would be awesome and are definitely features we plan to work on.

Super proud of integrating the Kandy api (and with the progress made with the twitter and gmail api since we both never used node.js before.) Also happy that we did some design on the website.

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