We've all used GMail and it's incredibly advanced features (smart autocomplete, auto identification of potential links, etc.). Tools like these are so ubiquitous these days, and help in making a lot of our tasks easier. Some of these have trickled down to personal chats (spell checks etc.), but are not nearly as powerful as features available on proprietary platforms. At least nothing private and free. So, hundreds of thousands of small businesses that use whatsapp or other messaging apps to conduct business cannot use these powerful tools. Let alone billions of regular users.

That's what we wanted to build. a tool that seamlessly integrates into how you do business already, and make communication delightful!

"You" can fix this!

You helps individuals and small businesses improve their responses (speed and quality) to customers! It gives you auto-generated prompts for quick responses. It also gives you sentiment scores for message-threads so that you can focus on the most pressing messages - especially if the same account is used by multiple business owners. Finally, it auto generates calendar invite links so that you can be on top of all upcoming meetings and appointments.

The best thing? You runs locally and is completely private! You lets you train a generative model that can mimic your personal style, and use it as an autocompletion tool. Currently, You trains on WhatsApp chat history, and offers autocomplete suggestions on WhatsApp Web via a Chrome extension. This can be extended to train and autocomplete on more personal communication apps (Messenger, email, slack, Twitter). You absolutely do not have to commit to any other expensive and non-private CRM app.

Features :

  • Autocomplete/Response Prompts (Powered by DistilGPT2) - Completely private and free, using data across multiple platforms. An autocomplete that truly reflects you.
  • Sentiment Tracking (Powered by - So that you can get to the most pressing issues first. You could also simply track being more positive over time :)
  • Auto generate calendar invite links (Powered by - Always be on top of all appointments!

Technology & Challenges

You is an MVP. Current installation steps are a bit more involved than they need to be. But we believe that the results are compelling enough for further development.

Simple challenges :
-Local Training of a DistilGPT2 model
-Local integration
-Chrome/Firefox Extensions

Complex challenges :
-Seamless UI
-Calendar link feature
-Injecting javascript into Whatsapp Web code for interactions

In Conclusion...

You is completely private and secure, which is important to us. We're very excited about these and more features expertai enables us to add. It seamlessly integrates into widely used existing apps, which is great. We believe that a tool like You can be extremely useful to people. It can make personal communication delightful, and business communication efficient and productive.

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