Our project has two parts: a mobile app for hackathon teams, and an admin dashboard for organizers.

You had me at "Hello World".

The easy way to form a hackathon team.
Browse github profiles. Send messages.

It's like Tinder for hackathons.

We noticed that other than wifi issues, the most common problem at hackathons is when people try to form teams. We created a Tinder-like mobile application to solve this problem. It pulls from the list of all attendees who are looking for team members. Check out their skills and previous projects based on data we pulled from github, and let them know you're interested. Similar to Tinder, you have the opportunity to chat with your matches and hash out ideas. There's a Moments feature to share a unique hackathon moment on the official hackathon twitter. Oh, and one more thing. We created what we like to call the Proximity Matchmaking feature. Even if you aren't actively searching for members within the app, you can get a notification if people nearby are a potential match. Get notified instantly of potential team members and meet up with them face to face to discuss project ideas.

For all those organizers out there, we also have a great way for you to manage your communications throughout the hackathon. Manage multiple mailing lists, send texts to your hackers, and use our cool automated calling system to pick raffle winners. Everything you need to keep your hackers informed.

Full feature list:

  • Intuitive matching UI
  • Built-in Firebase Chat
  • Collect moments of the hackathon in one single Twitter Feed from user uploads
  • Proximity-based Matchmaking with Bluetooth LE
  • GitHub integration
  • Twillio for instant hackathon-wide announcements
  • Interactive Intelligence API for selecting and automatically calling raffle winners
  • Mailing list manager to track attendees, accepted, declined and waitlisted
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