You Go Girl Mentorship Network

You Go Girl is a mentorship platform designed to engage school-aged girls with coding challenges.


  1. About:
    This is a Mentorship Network specifically made for elementary school girls who have zero to some level of coding experience. The first thing our website does is match a Mentee with a Mentor. A mentor can be a student or a women with coding experience, and willing to inspire young girls from around the world to join the field of Computing and Technology.

  2. How it works:
    On visiting the website, you are presented with two sign-up options. One for the Mentor and one for the Mentee. If you are a Mentor, your sign-up sheet includes questions about which proramming languages you are familiar with, how many hours a week can you commit to this project, spoken language and so on. On the other hand, if you are a Mentee, your sign-up sheet includes questions like coding experience, grade in school, as well as spoken language. Once you are done, or if you are returning user, you can just use the login and explore the site as your own.

  3. What we would like to achieve:
    With the help of this project we would like to connect young coders from the world by breaking the barriers of language. By connecting major English speaking countries to those countries who are not equally proficient in English, or developed in technology, we plan on helping those young girls find their passion in coding.

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