The Beginning...

How often do college students neglect to bring umbrellas with them? If, in the morning, it looks like it probably isn't going to rain during the day, then why add an extra load to carry around? And even if it does rain later, it can't be that much rain...can it? Being college students ourselves, we know the answers to these questions all too well because, let's be honest, we've all got some lazy bones. We don't even like to have to check the weather app in the morning. There are better things we can do with that time, like sleep. So we thought, what if something else did the checking for us? What if we didn't have to scroll through the hourly weather forecast to know if we had to bring umbrellas with us?

Should I Bring an Umbrella? and You Can Stand Under My Umbrella!

Our website tells users who input their locations whether they need to bring an umbrella with them that day, based on live weather data. However, nobody's perfect, so the second, equally important function of our site, is a matchmaker for umbrella-holders and the umbrella-less. Users can identify themselves as being in possession of an umbrella or in need of one, and the YouSUMU formula will match each user with another user planning on traveling a similar route, such that there will be one umbrella between the two. In addition to its obvious utility, the You Can Stand Under My Umbrella! feature encourages users to meet people who might have crossed paths with them on a regular basis, though they had never interacted before.

What's It Made of?

The weather information used by You Can Stand Under My Umbrella was pulled from the Yahoo Weather API. Our website's functionality was built with JavaScript, and the UI was designed using HTML5 and CSS3.

Challenges we ran into

This was our team's first time making a web app, so we had a lot to learn, but had a great time doing so!

What's Next for You Can Stand Under My Umbrella?

To fully take advantage of this product's features, we'd love to turn YouSUMU into a mobile app or further develop the website in depth and breadth. Login features could allow users to remain in the system, and we think a quota or rating system could go a long way toward making sure no users of our service are simply taking advantage of the generosity of others. We'd like to add notifications that could be set to remind users at a certain time of day if they have to bring an umbrella with them or not. We could also implement a form of location services or sync with user calendars to remove some responsibility from the users. There's plenty of room to grow; with You Can Stand Under My Umbrella, we can keep humanity dry, one umbrella at a time.

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