The You Are Linked to Resources "Opioid Overdose Prevention” app was created for the friends and family of those with substance use disorder as well as those living with substance use disorder. The app is designed so that those seeking information on the life-saving drug Naloxone (or Narcan) can find reliable and safe information in an efficient and organized way. The full version contains around 2,000 links organized into 10 main categories, 30+ subcategories, and 175+ sections in order to make navigation easy and efficient. The main categories include: Save Someone, Distribution Models, Opioid Overdose Overview, Legislation, Overdose Statistics, Naloxone Training, Types of Naloxone, Financial Considerations, Social Media and SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Assets. There is a flowchart containing all of the content incorporated into the menu button in order to help users navigate the app more easily. “Opioid Overdose Prevention” is updated daily with information from the news, professional magazines, and over 600 websites which makes it a useful tool for professionals in the recovery community and physicians who are trying to stay up to date on this material.

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