Lights One colective begun workin with the aim to rescue the ancient knowledge and the values of compassion and love one another using music as channel, we create, since long time, projects that are capable to change the way people see life and themselves, we deeply believe that we are one grand organism and if the singularity are heal within, the planet too. We actively work with musicians and therapist around the world.

"You are Light" focus on singularity , opens the portals for being alive, being active. being the really YOU, wake up your light within and transform the negative to positive. We want to make enpower music videos on the 7th energetic points on our body (chakras) , this particular energy when cleansed are capable to make miracouls come true on our life and in others life , we are deeply connected to eachother.

We need 7hours Studio rec time to each song (total:49h), and more 48h for composition, mix &master. Searchin for a video design and edition artist team to work on this project.

We are thankfull for acomplished lots of changes in persons mind and spirit and see they are changing their environment, with their comments and wishes on our work.

In all this years i learn more and more that we are One in this huge universe.All is connected.

The Next steps it's to put this project on the road and share phisically on local communities.

Thank YOU.

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