YotaHire is inspired by the needed solution in our community which is not provided. Soft skills can be hired online, but finding and hiring of hard skills like carpentry, plumbing etc are difficult if not impossible. So, we were inspired to make this solution available.

What it does

It is a web platform that allows for booking and hiring of people with hard skills like carpentry, plumbing, etc in your community

How we built it

The platform is built with react for frontend, receiving data from the API built with php as backend.

Challenges we ran into

React was new to us because we never used it for a project before, so we faced a challenge of learning react for one week and start building the platform on the second week

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the Yotahire project itself, because it addresses a need in our locality, where a service is needed but where to find the service lacking.

What we learned

We have never worked with react before and learning it was a great experience for us, as we added more tools to our developer belt.

What's next for YotaHire

We plan to make our platform known and used by people and to scale it and make the solution accessible to people in other parts of the world other than our home country

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