You Only Remember Once

We have noticed in the past that many reminder apps do not integrate well with external data sources. However, with the availability of several location-based APIs and the addition of a geolocation feature in Yo, we saw an opportunity to combine the ease of use of Yo with increased relevancy of a "reminders" application to help connect users geographically to their tasks list.

Consider the following scenario: Joe needs to pick up a basket of eggs for the birthday party tomorrow to make a cake. He enters YoRo via mobile or desktop browser, and writes a quick and easy free-hand note: "remind me to pick up eggs at 2PM tomorrow". Immediately, a request is stored online that matches his request against a list of known products. At 2PM, a Yo is sent to him from "YoReminders" with a message: "eggs", and as he responds to the Yo, YoRo tracks his location to find the nearest store (using the Yelp API) that matches his need to "pick up eggs", in this case a grocery store. A second Yo is sent with an easy to access link, and when the Yelp page opens up, Joe can see not only what he needs to do, but also where he needs to go and how long it will take to complete his task.

We've designed YoRo with the end user in mind:

  1. Simple: an easy to use interface and a simple website accessible via a mobile phone or computer
  2. Easy to write free text: robust natural language processing to make it as easy as possible to set a reminder using free text with our own autocorrection, reminder "subject" recognition, and modifier recognition features using Python's NLTK
  3. A Vocabulary - if YoRo doesn't know how to categorize a subject of a reminder, it searches the dictionary for clues to give its guess

YoRo makes it easy for a user to not only remember a task, but identify where they can complete a task. That's why, you'll only have to remember once.

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