We want to prevent the social isolation of our seniors thanks to a vocal assistant named Yooki. She will be in an application available on devices like tablets.

What it does?

Senior's family

They can send messages, photos, videos through the app to their parents.


Yooki talks to the senior about news, weather, events like a birthday. She also shows messages & videos sent by his/ her family where the user can send an answer easily with vocal commands. Every day, Yooki takes care of the user by asking how he's doing. It can identify if there is an issue and warn the family to prevent accidents.

Who are we?

We are a team of 4 french students, two in interactive design and two in computer science engineering.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for AI, conversational chatbot experts to help us building yooki. Any skills related to our app is welcome, feel free to send us a message on Slack: #yooki-recruitment ;) There is no language restriction, we speak French, English and Spanish.

EUvsVirus: 16 | Social & political cohesion | Protection of isolated & risk groups

Built With

  • ai
  • chatbot
  • conversational
  • pwa
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