Technology news is reaching a new paradigm based on too much information and no control at all of the user on how or even when to consume it, notifications are now in control. YoNews applies Yo’s philosophy and simplicity, which means no more overwhelming, infobese ways to receive information. You are now in control, you decide, with a simple Yo, when you want to get the news, about what you want to know about.

The code is based on a set of scripts which are able to scan a set of webpages, clean them to solely keep the relevant content and analyze this content. The scripts are written in Python and use packages like BeautifulSoup4 and a bunch of standard packages like urllib2, feedparser, dateutils, etc. The information about each article is stored in a NoSQL database (CouchDB) system, which is hosted on an AWS micro-machine and is then curated. We connected YoApp to that core, allowing the user to only receive technews articles (from the most famous tech news websites) in which a certain theme is relevant. To do so, the callback URL is used with a subject parameter in such a way that, for each news channel (GOOGLENEWS, IPADNEWS and more 20 channels...) , once a Yo is received, a relevant technews article, selected through the previously treated articles, is sent back to the user. Requests’ history are saved in order to avoid redundancy. By the way, we’re also the team behind the channels NEWACQUISITION and NEWLEAK :)

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