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Cliché Alert I have always been passionate about Japanese mangas since i was just a kid, even before i was able to walk i think... I and my Otaku friends are always challenging our knowledge about manga and that has been going on since. When the Facebook hackathon came up, this game idea was the first that went through my mind.

What it does

The principle is simple. You just have to find the word that four images have in common. In the Otaku context of course. Really simple right ? Start playing , Hehe!

How i built it

I built the game using HTML5, CSS3 and raw JavaScript.

Challenges i ran into

The harder part was to start. But once i launched, i couldn't stop.

Accomplishments that i'm proud of

I've made a game that even my friends (who are really really pessimistic) like playing, a game that can captivate any Manga fan for hours (days, or months), a game that i love watching and playing (and that's exceptional!)... and i made this game from scratch... easy.

What i learned

What i learned ? New JS bugs & errors. lol. Seriously, i learned how a game could be difficult to create (from thinking to programming). I discovered how to understand and integrate what everyone likes in the development of a game.

What's next for Yondai!

I plan first on converting Yondai into a Facebook instant game making it available to all. If it could be monetized it will be cooler of course. And in the future, i'll add MORE and MORE enigmas, arcs (like chapters but bigger), new challenges (mods) ,and a multiplayer mode !


Please... Please when opening the game link, use a mobile phone or if you are using a computer (recommended), set the browser layout to a phone size in the js dev tools. The game is meant to be played in a mobile phone sized device. There is even an app (but i did not submitted the app given the fact that it does not match the rule and it was made in french as most of my community is french speaking).

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