Yo, My Bus!

"We are just living on bus schedules." -- by Anonymous

When you miss a bus by just a few minutes, it can be mildly annoying. YoMyBus is your solution!

YoMyBus is a Yo service that tells you when your bus is approaching so you never miss it again. Just tap YOMYBUS in Yo to send us a Yo with location (a YoLo?) and be in the know, yo!

The fine print.

Right now, YoMyBus can only work on transit agencies that use TransLoc as their API provider. You will receive a "Sorry: out of service area" error if you are unable to use YoMyBus at this time. We hope that we will eventually be able to serve anyone on any agency.

YOMYBUS is now available for these transit agencies:

• Atlantic Station - FREE RIDE
• Auburn University - Tiger Transit
• Ball State University
• Boston College - BC Shuttle
• Boston University - The Bus
• Bowling Green State University - BGSU Shuttle Service
• City of Monona - Monona Express
• Children's Hospital Boston - CHB Employee Shuttles
• Columbia University - Shuttle
• Duke University - Duke Buses
• Eastern Connecticut State University - University Transportation
• Emory University - Emory Shuttle
• GAP Inc. - Corporate Shuttle
• Harvard University - Harvard Shuttle
• Jacksonville State University - Gamecock Express
• Jacksonville University - JU Shuttle
• Johnson & Wales University - JWU Ride
• Kennesaw State University - KSU Shuttle
• La Salle University - University Shuttle
• Louisiana State University - Tiger Trails
• MASCO - Boston, MA - LMA Shuttle
• Mercer University - Trolley
• NAIPTA - Mountain Link
• Nantucket Regional Transit Authority - The NRTA Wave
• New York University - University Transportation
• NC State University - The Wolfline
• Northern Arizona University - NAU Transit
• Princeton University - TigerTransit
• Savannah College of Art & Design (Savannah and Atlanta Campuses) - The Bee Line
• Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Saluki Express
• Texas Christian University - TCU Shuttle
• Triangle Transit - GoLive by TransLoc
• University of Alabama - CrimsonRide
• University of Chicago - The Bus System
• University of Florida - Regional Transit System (RTS)
• University of Kentucky - Cat Tracker
• University of Maryland, BC - UMBC Transit
• University of Massachusetts Boston
• University of Memphis - U. of Memphis Transit
• University of New Haven - UNH Shuttle
• University of North Florida - Osprey Connector
• University of Toledo - Transit Services
• Yale University - Yale Transit

Also you need to be within a range of 500 meters from a bus(possible ETA) stop to receive the service.

We never did or will store, sell, or otherwise share your username or location with anyone, honest.

What's next for YoMyBus?

Yo is a great way for users to expand their reach to the programmable web. We want to add scheduled notifications, so when you subscribe to YoMyBus, you will receive alerts between the time you specify. Imagine you want to know 15 minutes before work ends where your bus is. For now, you can schedule that Yo. You will receive a Yo from YOMYBUS with the estimated arrival times for the routes within 1km (or half a mile) of your location, sorted by relevance which is determined by proximity and the imminency of arrival.

The story behind the code.

YOMYBUS is the product of a partnership between two friends.

Two college students, ESCAPESEQ and BIGFOAM, found the Yo Challenge on ChallengePost, and pondered some ideas on how to leverage this new API/service. Now that Yo has location, we had an easy means for the user to send us their location. We wanted to do something that was actually useful for day to day life. ESCAPESEQ proposed, what if we could make it “Send me a Yo when my bus is 5 minutes away”? And so it began.

BIGFOAM burned the midnight oil every night to build the engine and infrastructure that powers this service. While we both contributed to the logic, it was BIGFOAM’s mastery of his craft, and admirable perseverance that really made it all possible. We are proud to say that this simply couldn’t have been done without the talented and hard working BIGFOAM on deck.


Transloc API

Thanks for using YOMYBUS service and hope it helps in your life :)

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