We turned Yo on its head.

In the past the Yo app was used to passively receive Yo's from subscriptions, or to Yo friends.

We just changed that.

Introducing YOMOTE

the app that lets you Yo for anything

All of the usernames on YOMOTE are like buttons on your personal remote control for life.

Simply search through the created usernames and when you find one you like, add them to your Yo contacts.

If you have ever wanted one button to automate tasks, to order pizza, to book a hotel and to call an Uber to take you there, to send a weekly email, to send a text, now you have one.

For Developers:

We make the process of creating Yo services fast and easy. Write a few lines of code (on top of our available pre-defined library) and tell us what information you need to know from your users to make the app work. We then provide you a callback endpoint on our server. Simple. This saves you the time of writing an entire webapp just to use the Yo API, the cost of hosting the app on your own servers, and the hassle of associating information with individual users. All of this is taken care of by us, so you can focus on creating.

For Yo Users: Welcome to the future. Our site provides the top YOMOTE services as ranked by the number of Yo's they have received. Want to order pizza with a Yo? Feed your cat? Buy something random for $1 from eBay?

Code Description

We built the backend for every yo app. With our simple and easy to use library built on top of the Yo-api, making yo apps has never been easier. YOMOTE is a central location for all apps that perform predefined actions triggered by a Yo. The server is written in Flask using MongoDB to store all of our data, and Yo to manage user logins. Developers on our platform can create apps that store user information and use Yo as personal triggers, and users can browse from all the apps that have been created on our platform. To run, simply install flask, and run python server.py. Code can be downloaded here.

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