I write the Code using Html,JavaScript and PhP. Since i got to know about the Yo App i found it cool and when i got the Opportunity to Use Yo Api, I got excited and started thinking about various ideas that i can try to code.I am not a Very Professional Coder but this challenge helped me a lot to learn new concepts and languages. So at first point i decided to make a TeacherYo service which then I rejected and finally thought of YoMeetMe : Since our life is on Facebook and Yo is a Cool app why not use it to find new friends and people around us and then I created YOMEETME . Currently I have a Facebook Login and a Algorithm to find the People Nearest to you according to Lat and Long and i am proud of my skills to create a whole service without knowing much about PhP or Sql queries.
Our Target users are mainly Teenagers and Age Group of 17-32 as these are the people who are more open to make friends or meet new people around them.

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