Yomedic aims at maintaining the health status of any patient or user. It focuses on High Blood Pressure, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Health advice and Health Study of a Patient. The software runs on a series of devices and mobile platforms.

We live in a world where 9.4 million people die every year and 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer because of high blood pressure or hypertension

In the World Health Organisation (WHO) Africa region up to 50% of adults in many countries are estimated to have high blood pressure and this proportion is increasing. Sickle Cell has killed a high percentage of its victims due to lack of maintenance and proper care

What differentiates Yomedic Application from other related application is that it provides a strong based automated service to the patient which gives them a 90% chance of a healthy life, the other 10% occurs if the device or their phone gets missing.

A blood pressure monitor detects your blood pressure and display its data for you but with Yomedic, your health record gets forwarded to the doctor weekly(over the Internet). This enables the doctor to also keep track of your health status because even after diagnosis, some people find it difficult following-up a maintenance scheme, our device helps make sure you are doing the right thing.

The device contains a warning system which keeps track of your body and helps alert you for any emergency. For Example. For a Patience who has diabetes, the device has been programmed such that if a patients sugar level is low, the watch gives a sound beep alerting you that there is a problem, and specifies which problem, the device now ask you to send you reports to the doctor and also an option to contact your doctor immediately.


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