Depression is a state of mind where a person is not able to work at his full potential. Unnecessary thoughts start to pop up. Most of us have a relative would have experienced depression. And all that the person needs is someone to talk to. Obviously they can talk to their friends and family but they might not be available to talk all the time and also will not be able to provide professional help. And professional help is quite expensive to afford for some people. That is where YOMA comes into the picture. YOMA can be something to depend upon when you do not have people around to help. Domain Name:

What it does

YOMA offers several uses. YOMA is not just helpful for people with depression but can also be your assistant in any state of your mind. Are you happy and looking forward to have some more fun today, ask YOMA for suggestions. Are you sad and looking for something to cheer you up, talk to YOMA. It can offer several suggestions like movies playing near you, songs that mights cheer you up, jokes that make you laugh, quotes that motivate you or show you pictures that help bring back those wonderful memories. The photos are retrieved from the instagram app that you sign into when registering on the app.

How we built it

We created an android app that has integrated Instagram API. This API lets you log on to Instagram helping YOMA get access to your Instagram photos to help you cherish memories when you need them. We also used the Google Vision API that reads those images and finds the expression associated with the image.

Challenges we ran into

We tried implementing this app using Facebook API but Facebook API was not supportive in proving permissions to access the photos of the user. Difficulty inserting data into MongoDB. Since Node.js is asynchronous, the variable values were not being fetched.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create an app that can converse with the users to provide them moral support in the form of a conversation. We could fetch photos from Instagram API and analyze them based on sentiments.

What we learned

We learned to process the Language used by the user and respond accordingly using Aylien API for Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis. We also learned to use Google Vision to get the expressions of people in a picture.

What's next for YOMA- Your Own Mood Assistant

We are working on improving the Natural Language Processing to offer professional help. The instagram app can also be used to get locations from the places visited and offer suggestions to those places when you visit that area again.

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