1. Addictiveness of Short Term Binary Trading.
  2. Simpler and Elegant UI/UX aiding smoother User Onboarding with Debit Card using Wyre (sponsors)
  3. Building Valuable/Sticky Applications.
  4. Integrating with Create2 Based State Channel Wallet.
  5. Attempt to gain App Layer User Adoption for Ethereum

What it does

  1. Its just a simplified and gamified binary option trading.
  2. So users can bet on the price of ETH-USD prices relative to strike price that is set every 3 minutes.
  3. If they are on the right side of the bet, then they stand to win the proportion of the loser pool which in other words is profits for the winning pool.
  4. Every game is 3 minutes long and keeps it super addictive.

How I built it

Yolorekt is the original project that I was working on but for ETHNY hackathon, we started working on a state channel implementation with create2 and along with Wyre integration.

Challenges I ran into

1) State Channel Implementation challenges specific to above described game. 2) Challenges with post Wyre debit card deposit handling with Create2. 3) We got stuck on debugging and completing state channel based withdrawal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Integrating with Wyre sucessfully with Yolorekt. 2) Handling deposit from Wyre for prefunding create2 address. 3) Keeping offchain account of bets and balances of each user account (create2) address. 4) We were able to complete first step of the statechannel withdraw. 5) Second step of settling withdraw isn't complete yet but we are almost there.

What I learned

1) Tools on Ethereum has come far from last few years but still a long way to go to build effective/valuable apps. 2) In order for application layer to succeed maturity of tech stack with docs, conformity of designs and implementations is critical.

What's next for Yolorekt

We are planning to launch Yolo soon.

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