Yesterday, we sat around a table, on our laptops, trying to think of a good project idea to implement, when one of our members suddenly complained about how difficult it was that he had to log into so many social networks to connect with everyone he knew. Inspiration hit, and we realized we had our project.

YokeIt is a simple name inspired by a simple idea: "yoking", or sticking things together. With our product, we want to do exactly that for your social network needs - Yoke It together.

What it does

Yoke It is a website that links all of your social media connecting needs.

How I built it

Through hours of labor, we were able to create a simple interface that allows for immediate connection of different social media platforms. We do the heavy lifting to create a product that is accessible and easy to for you.

Challenges I ran into

Through the project, we had to access the APIs of each social media platform. Though this was a laborious and trying task, we persisted, and were able to produce a project that we are proud of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website's fluid design creates an accessible, user-friendly interface that is enjoyable yet easy to use.

What I learned

Through this project, we learned about the different security measures of different social media networks, and, namely, the sheer number and encompassing broadness of authentification that protects user information.

What's next for Yoke It

Yoke It plans to continue to expand into integrating even more social platforms, and spanning larger functionality.

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