We have experienced an explosion of cloud applications in the last decade. From Asana to Zendesk, cloud apps have made it very easy for individuals and teams to manage information, automate mundane tasks and collaborate in real-time.

However, this comes with the pain of routinely checking several apps for updates. With so many cloud apps, each with a different UX, it is hard to track simple things like what's in my inbox or next-action list. For instance, I have tasks in Wunderlist, bugs in JIRA, reading list in Pocket, high-level roadmap in Trello, messages in Slack/Email and so-on. How can I track my inboxes and Getting Things Done (GTD) buckets? I can maintain a personal copy of my inboxes and other lists manually. Or, I can use Yoke.

What it does helps users track activity in their cloud accounts as cards in an intelligent board to help them maintain focus and save time. It can automatically track your inboxes, next-action lists, waiting-for lists, and so on, from you cloud apps. Each card connects to a cloud app and represents an inbox or a bucket that matters to you.

For example:

1. Tasks in a list in Wunderlist or Todoist
2. Issues assigned to you in the current iteration in JIRA Agile
3. Issues owned by you in a current Pivotal Tracker iteration
4. Messages in a Slack channel or Flowdock flow
5. Open pull requests in a GitHub or BitBucket account
6. Accounts closing this month on SalesForce
7. Unassigned tickets in a Zendesk, Freshdesk or HelpScout account
 and much much more...

How we built it is built on the ConceptJS — a highly efficient and scalable cloud-computing platform based on a formal system of logic. It embraces Javascript for all client-side and server-side scripting, as with the popular Node.js and Meteor frameworks. It is also built to scale using the latest Big Data technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Elastic Search.

Applications in ConceptJS are built as a web of concepts. Concepts are abstract building-blocks with roots in λ-calculus and type theory

ConceptJS apps can be edited directly through a secure web-based IDE, reducing the time taken to build and maintain your application.

ConceptJS simplifies DevOps to a point where forks and merges on GitHub are instantly reflected on your application.

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since the launch of, we have integrated 50 cloud apps with 130+ card types. Yoke helps our users to get the full picture of their work in one intelligent board. 2 out of 3 users who use Yoke at least once a week report higher productivity and/or lower levels of stress in online surveys.

What's next for

We will keep adding more integrated could apps, improve user experience and grow Yoke user community.

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