We decided to make YoImBroke because it's not uncommon for high school and college students to just need some extra money. Anyone might be on the lookout for just a quick errand (like mowing the lawn) to get small amounts of cash on the side.

Target Demographic

Our target demographic is anyone who wants to engage in this informal yo-conomy. Want someone else to take care of your laundry? Use YoImBroke. Want to take care of someone else's laundry for $20? Use YoImBroke. It's an economic connection.


YoImBroke is a solution for people who need quick cash (or have quick jobs they need someone else to do). Job posts can be made at our form (see screenshot) and users can just send a Yo to "YOIMBROKE" to receive active job postings in their area- with a name, the payment amount, and directions.

We use the Yo API and Google's Geocode API (to convert addresses to coordinates and map distances quickly). The project as a whole uses Python, PHP, CSS, and HTML.

Built With

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