The 9-to-5 workweek has been a standard for white collared jobs. Working long hours, even at a desk, can have serious repercussions for your physical and mental health and may even end up hurting productivity in the long run.

It's breaking your heart. Research has shown that those who spend four or more hours sitting at a stretch per day have a 125% increase in heart disease risk, and a 50% increased risk of death from any cause.

It's making us depressed. According to researchers at University College in London, stressful work conditions, including long sitting hours at a stretch , can double your risk of depression. For employers, the truly damning result of the study was the calculation of how much depression costs them: roughly $23 billion a year. (Ouch!)

We realized a need for employees to be reminded to take short breaks along with their colleagues to freshen the mind, body and increase the productivity.

For some more research based reasoning on how _ simple exercises _ a few times a day can avoid all these problems, please refer this article

What it does

What is the most valuable thing in your business? Your customers. Customers need to be looked after well. And who looks after these customers? The Customer Service Expert! To improve the customer experience, it is essential that our customer service experts are well-looked after.

It is important to understand the Context where this software will be really useful. So please read this overview document

Quick summary:

  1. Reminds users at the right time: after they have completed some significant work e.g. completing dealing with a customer support ticket.
  2. Sends reminder through visually appealing notifications in google chrome
  3. If user accepts, an office365 outlook calendar event will be created
  4. To encourage other colleagues who are more inclined to workout with others than doing it on their own, automatically system would send chrome notifications to other users.
  5. If others also accept, a calendar invite will be created for them

The calendar appointments for breaks act as a log for users to check their progress in taking healthy breaks.

How we built it

The backend API is build using Node.js and Express is used for routing. Users of the application are stored in Azure AD and their calendar events are pulled using Microsoft Office 365 API. The notifications are pushed by Google Cloud Messenger (GCM) and received and displayed by the chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into

We faced several challenges during the development phase of the hackathon such as:

1) Everyone in the team was new to Node.js, chrome extensions and Azure.

2) We could not find a method to integrate Skype for Business API with Office365

3) Renewing our azure subscription the very last moment of the hackathon

4) Authentication issues with Office 365

However, with the help of the mentors and online resources, we were able to provide our best effort and overcome the obstacles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned from authentication to deployment process of an application. Being new to both of them, we are proud of the application we developed and its healthy effects to the community. Also, how much we learned within a span of two months. We learned a lot of Node.js and Google chrome extensions.

We successfully integrated multiple platforms such as Salesforce, Office365, Chrome used by an employee in their daily worklife. With this approach healthy life style is made part of his daily work routine than going to devices / tools that he doesn't usually use in a normal working day.

*Team consisting of many nationalities across multiple continents and timezones, we learned how to improve our communication skills when there is a vast timezone difference.

What we learned

A LOT! But here are few specifics:

*Benefit of using office365 APIs *Challenges in working with PAAS like azure *Sticking together as a team till the end pays off

What's next for CalFit

1) We plan to further improve the algorithm so the reminders are more personalized to meet the maximum potential of the employee. This can be done by integrating Google fit API and Machine Learning the behavior of the user 2) Show it to potential customers, get their feedback and develop it further to take it to market

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posted an update

CalFit is a way to make your work time more productive by scheduling break notifications at the times when you most need it. This is made possible through use of the users calendar events and the office 365 APIs. CalFit is also a way to increase employee to employee relation in an organisation as you can send break invites to fellow colleagues and have a fun short coffee break. Awesome app stay tuned for more features .

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