We wanted to create a hack in order to better something that people use often but something that has not yet been much improved over the years. We ended up on the idea of hacking a doorbell. Our team members could all agree that we have experienced ourselves or others fail to notice the doorbell because they were occupied with other activities such as listening to music, playing video games, etc. inside of the house.

The doorbell has been something neglected as a whole by the revolution of the Internet of Things. Built upon a Yo API platform, YODOORBELL gives users the opportunity to register their Tessel Doorbell with our online service, which ties it to their Yo account. Every time someone uses the doorbell (using a phone's NFC antenna), you will receive a Yo with a picture from YODOORBELL letting you know someone is waiting at the door for you! You can also Yo your doorbell, which will send you a picture and the temperature outside your house. Who whould have thought a doorbell could become something so powerful while still remaining incredibly simple?

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