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Docker https://www.docker.com is an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. Docker image is a image that pack your app and the environment. To automatically build a Docker image by DockerHub https://hub.docker.com/ , we can hook the DockerHub repo on the Github repo. So it'll pull the codes from Github and build the image when new codes are pushed. It takes time to build a Docker image. Sometimes, we just forget to check whether the images are built successfully. To solve this pain, I build a service that hook on the DockeHub repo, and Yo the users when the image is built successfully.

What inspired me?

I'm a developer. Sometimes I forget to check whether the images are built successfully or not. YODOCKER solves my pain!

Key features we're most proud of

Yo to Login

Once we yo YODOCKER, we'll get a unique link to login to http://yodocker.com

Yo-style Design

yodocker.com is a single page web site which is similar to YoApp

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