Singing is a huge stress reliever. Singing brings us together and can unite us through the sound of music. This app is meant to bring us all together for a simple, convenient and fun way to do karaoke with friends. Yodl will bring the world together, one Yodl at a time!

What it does

Create handy karaoke setup with our personal devices (phones and laptops). Uses iPhones (or browser) as microphones and synchronizes karaoke across multiple screens easily.

How we built it

Node.js server serves the youtube karaoke video through An application built with Swift is installed on iphone to use it as microphone. The application forwards the microphone output over USB and allows multiple phones together through the Aggregate Device feature.

Challenges I ran into

Getting voice transmission between phone and computer. connection between API calls. Initially trying a WebRTC live video chat platform for karaoke.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fully functioning karaoke environment is built. Now anyone can enjoy karaoke anytime with just personal devices. We also have a functional iOS microphone app that works with anything.

What I learned

To scope the project to fit hackathon

What's next for Yodl

Create multiple singing session, wireless voice transmission and Android support.

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