Look at the earth in 2008 and now. If you have a choice, do you support an organization that destroys our beautiful planet? Environment, Social, and Governance are the modern standards to evaluate a company’s success and sustainability. However, there are no generally accepted principles on how ESG is disclosed and calculated by companies. Our product is different from existing tools because it can integrate licensed data sources and allow users to enter their unstructured data platforms for ESG calculation.

What it does

Our team supports “pro-choice” in investment by creating YoDash - a unified tool that ranks companies based on their ESG performance and defines the gold standard for ESG calculations. The website quickly gathers structured and unstructured datasets from disparate sources such as Bloomberg ESG data, Yahoo Financial Realtime Data, or social media platforms like Twitter. It then stores the data for accurate analysis in a highly reliable data lake that accelerates the rate at which teams can turn data into insights using machine learning and AI at scale.

How we built it

Python, JS, R, NLP, React, Sentimental Analysis, AWS

Challenges we ran into

Processing big data, biased data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accurate ESG computation with the combination of structured and unstructured data.

What we learned

Using big data in ESG related computations , using sentimental analysis to organize and classify unstructured data to create a quantifiable metric of public perception related to a company's ESG.

This was the first Hackathon for all of us, having 24 hours to create an advanced and competitive application put our mindsets to the ultimate test, forcing us to work at maximum efficiency and using every second available to create the maximum output, we have proven to ourselves that there is no limit to the capabilities of our mind.

What's next for YoDash

If we come up with the right algorithms and compare ESG scores by a consistent metric in a time series structure, we can revolutionize the way companies compete to attract ESG investments, and drive the new norm of environmentally friendly and well managed based investment power in the upcoming youth.

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